Are you Apathetic About Your Success?

Lack of interest or enthusiasm about your job can be what is frustrating your actions to accomplish the goals you have set for yourself. Simply not trying hard enough can be an especially destructive force in a person’s life to their career and can lead to not even caring about success.

The Number One Factor Is A Fear of Failure

Fear of failure can stop us cold in our tracks when it comes to jumping out there in uncharted territory toward a meaningful job, especially one we would love to jump up every morning and rush to every day. Research says this is the number one factor contributing to apathy about our dreams of starting a new business.

Failure is not the worst thing that can happen… not trying in the first place is far worse. It leads to a “why should I even try” mentality.

Unmotivated by Money?

Perhaps you have another source of income to rely on or means of support that is keeping you unmotivated and apathetic. It is hard sometimes to start a new endeavor if you already have enough money to get by and meet your needs. This can result in an attitude of “I don’t care if I do or don’t”.

While there are a lot of entrepreneurs who appear solely motivated by money, starting a new successful business requires much more than just financial support. If money isn’t your main reason, you probably should take some time to reflect on your reason. What is your driving force? Sustainable living? Giving back to the community? Having a legacy to hand down to your children? Find your reason, and find your motivation.

How is Your Home Life?

Is there discord in relationships at home that are contributing to your sense of dispassion? When things are not okay at home, it’s at this time when we can hit a wall as far as setting new goals and trying to achieve our dreams. Quite often it’s impossible to even dream at all in times like these. The people you live with can play major roles towards your self-esteem. Without self-esteem we naturally become apathetic and uninterested toward a multitude of simple daily tasks, as well as our aspirations, hopes, and dreams.

What About Your Social Circle?

Your friends or the people you hang out with daily could be enhancing an apathetic attitude towards your success. Are they the go-getter sort or are they dependent and lazy as far as their careers go?

There is an old saying that “birds of a feather flock together”. Do you need to do some housecleaning where the company you keep is concerned? Friends can oftentimes make or break an ambitious attitude.

Physical & Mental Health Woes

Have you recently seen a physician? Are you due for a checkup? Perhaps you could be clinically depressed or overly anxious about an issue in your life. You should not try to diagnose yourself if you suspect you may have a physical or mental health issue.

There are a number of reasons which could be causing an indifference in your attitude toward success. These can be biological, organic, genetic, metabolic, neurological, physical or a host of other etiologies and, depending on your age, some causes can be extremely serious.

If you feel this might be the source, consult your medical professional to determine if your health is keeping you from being able to perform as well as you want to or need to.

You could also seek out mental health help to find the culprit. A mental health “diagnosis” isn’t always necessary just to talk things out. Sometimes it helps just to talk to someone unbiased, where you can be completely honest and be helped without judgment.

To Fix It, You’ve First Got to Address It

Apathy first must be identified to be dealt with appropriately. Most professionals agree that it can be confused with depression and can also come in addition to depression. Apathy can also happen by itself with no other medical condition.

It is oftentimes misdiagnosed by the ordinary layman as pure laziness. It can be downright scary to stick your neck out there in “no man’s land” to begin something new. There could be any number of causes keeping you from getting your life back on track to the point where you are once again on top of the world.

Ultimately nothing can stop you from the success you desire but you may not be able to devote yourself to at this time.

Once you’ve come out of your indifference about starting a new business you will deserve a big hearty pat on the back. You’ll probably even be surprised to find you love your career more than you imagined. As a result, you can’t help but become motivated for the success you dream about as an entrepreneur.

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