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Failure in Other Areas of Your Life Doesn’t Mean You’ll Fail as an Entrepreneur

Many of us have big dreams.  Big ideas.  Our mind goes nonstop, flooding our thoughts with ways we could be our own boss, make tons of money and do what we love.  But then we are crippled by the thoughts of failure, especially if we are licking our wounds from failure in other areas of our lives.

The entrepreneurial ideas, hopes and dreams are pushed to the back burner, once again, hoping “the right time” is going to surface.  You can’t base your success as an entrepreneur solely on your successes in other areas of your life.  Plain and simple.  Here’s why:

You Can’t Control Everything

Sometimes in our lives, we experience failure. That’s life. Without a failure here and there, how could we possibly comprehend success? How would be know what works and what doesn’t? We wouldn’t. We need failure to be successful.
Here’s the real fact: You can’t control everything.


Most of us have already experienced a failed relationship, or more. How much of that was really your fault? Even when you do everything right, you can’t control another human being. You can’t predict changes in another person either. And if you were the reason for the demise in your personal relationships, it doesn’t mean you can’t have a successful business.

We all change as we grow older. We have to learn from our experiences. Your relationship status doesn’t determine your capability for entrepreneurial bliss.

Health Issues

Health issues are no different. Your health status absolutely does not determine your success as an entrepreneur. Some health circumstances, like diabetes and hypertension, put us in the driver’s seat and for the most part we can control them. That’s pretty much up to you and how well you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Unfortunately, we can’t control everything related to our health. At any point we could be hit with a diagnosis that seems to bring us to our knees. Instead of looking at the diagnosis like a death sentence, we can choose to make the best of the time we have left on this planet.

Stephen Hawking surely didn’t let ALS control his success. What’s more, many people with health issues and disabilities use that as their very platform for success.


Finally, if you’ve got money problems, don’t let that crush your dream. There’s a big difference in poor money management and lack of money. If you have difficulty managing your money, it’s not the end of the world. Hire someone to handle that aspect of the business for you and you’re less likely to ‘rob Peter to pay Paul’.

No matter how much of a budgeting genius you might be, there’s no way to predict life. Unexpected expenses can hit without a moments notice, and sometimes we aren’t prepared to shell out the additional dough. Even when you have to dip into your rainy-day fund to pay off a credit card or medical bill, don’t let that deter you from your goals as an entrepreneur.

Failing to have the necessary resources for the unexpected is hardly a reason to give up.

Forgive Your Fears

If you dream of being a successful solo entrepreneur, you are the only one who can make it happen. Sometimes fear of the unknown is crippling and we end up pushing our dreams further and further out of reach just to be “on the safe side.”

Forgive yourself for your fears. It’s normal. Reaching for the stars can be unnerving, especially when you’ve also got to balance your dream of being an entrepreneur with your other responsibilities. Embrace your power for success and never stop pushing forward. Really, the only failure is in not trying.

Nurture Your Good Qualities

Are you spending too much time focusing on failure? Only you can answer that question, but if you’re using other failures as the reason you aren’t going for the gusto, the answer is probably yes. The honest truth is you are fueling the wrong fire. Negativity begets more negativity.

Instead of coming up with excuses why something won’t work, spend more time nurturing your good qualities that will bring you success. Build up your confidence and truly believe in your capability to make every single dream of yours come to fruition.

One good thing about failure is how it builds our resilience. Failure is inevitable. But it doesn’t mean it’s going to happen in every aspect of your life. Learn from it. Failure can be a dream crusher, or it can be a stepping stone. You decide.

Failure in Other Areas of Your Life Doesn’t Mean You’ll Fail as an Entrepreneur

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